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Bonchurch Social Club

posted 28 Dec 2013, 01:14 by Clive Rickards   [ updated 4 Jan 2014, 02:45 ]
Concert, Monday 16th December, 2013
Thank you SO much for sending the audio of your Bonchurch concert.  I am really excited to hear your very lively and enthusiastic rendition of my tunes.  I thought it was a very splendid effort and I was particularly pleased to hear ' Harbour Reel ' played for the very first time.  I'd only played it on the piano before and I was really worried about whether it would sound OK or not.  I'm happy to say that it sounded really GREAT !  I applaud you all on managing to capture the feel of Colonsay in a very up-beat way in spite of the very limited or nil musical directions in the scores.  

So, REALLY WELL DONE TO YOU ALL !  It was such a thrill to hear the tunes being played at last.  

THANK YOU SO MUCH and have a really Happy Christmas !  I shall look forward to hearing more about the Isle of Wight Scottish Fiddlers in 2014.

With every best wish from Julia Page